PneusMatic Filler

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Volumetric, automatic, suitable for thick, creamy and pasty products. PneusMatic volumetric filler can be fitted with one or two dosing syringes ( PHOTO 1 – 2 ),and with three or four dosing syringes ( PHOTO 3 – 4 )
with volume adjustment on graduated scale:
from 5 to 80 cc., 5 to 200 cc., 10 to 300 cc., 20 to 500 cc., 50 to 1000 cc., 1000 to 5000 cc.

Two versions of product feeder :

  • with hopper of either 30 or 50 liters on which a mixer and a level control device can be mounted.
  • Simple or double jacket hopper can be fed by a pump.
  • with connector for product falling by gravity from a storage tank.

Filler can be customized according to type of product and container: with fixed nozzles, with up-down moving nozzles with adjustable device, nozzles with skimmer valves for semi-dense products or products containing pieces.

A suction or drip cutter system can be installed for liquid filaments.
Variable production from 300 to 3000 p/h depending on the number of dosing syringes and characteristics of products and containers.

Linear or star construction( PHOTO 5 ).

Variable filler dimensions and weight depending on construction.

The filler can be mounted:

  • on a “linear” automatic line ( PHOTO 6 ) equipped with loading table, star capper with cap loader or linear capper with/without loader, self-adhesive labeller with collecting table.
  • on a “monoblock” filling and capping line ( PHOTO 7 ) with loading table, self-adhesive labeller with collecting table.

For other models of line, details on ” Automatic lines with dosing syringes for filling thick, creamy, pasty and wax products ” section.

As alternative solution, automatic electronic filler with electromagnetic or mass flow meters for products of any density,

described in ” DebiMatic – MassMatic Electronic Fillers” section.